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We have now finished our complete migration to version 2 of Captain Token. Please do not buy or sell on v1, for it is not supported any longer. Also note, do not send your v1 tokens over to us anymore, the swap period is over, and you will not receive your v2 tokens. The Captain team wants to thank every single one of you for your patience during this process. If for some reason, you did not receive your v2 tokens, please visit our Telegram channel here and let us know by filing a claim ticket. https://t.me/capttokensupport Each ticket will be reviewed by the team. Please give the team a respectful amount of time to go through all the tickets. Again we appreciate your loyalty and understanding throughout the process. Version 2 is now live and the contract address is:


Our new updated Road Map

Capt Token

Every Captain needs his crew!

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