Announcement of Captain Swap!


Hello Captain Community!

The Captain team is excited to announce the launch of Captain Swap, happening in just 3 days! We are very ahead of schedule, and we have been working very hard to make these big moves happen for the community.

Along with everything you would expect from a swap/DEX, Captain Swap will be working hard to create a unique experience that incentivizes it users unlike anything else currently on the BSC. More on this in future announcements. In the meantime, we have the base foundation for our swap remarkably close to being completed, and we are very excited to share it with you all.

Along with the launch of Captain Swap, will be the launch of our new governance/utility token, $CREW. Crew token will be minted and burned with almost identical token emissions as PancakeSwap’s CAKE to start out and we will adjust the emissions as we gain a better understanding of what the Captain Swap ecosystem will look like. This will also be an amazing investment opportunity to get in on early as we have some great things planned for Captain Swap and being a CREW holder will definitely have its perks.

You can expect exchanging, LP farms, staking and lotto in the beginning and we are actively working on creating partnerships with new and promising projects. Expect Captain Swap’s ecosystem to house RUGPULL FREE projects as we will be working on a way to freeze liquidity if we detect a rug pull happening from a project within our ecosystem.

One exciting announcement we have is what we plan to do with Captain Token. We are dedicating a portion of the swap fees we acquire from Captain Swap to buy and burn Captain Token. This will cause major deflation over time and cause the price to continually rise, aside from people selling and taking profits of course. We plan to buy and burn Captain Token up to a max of 80% of the total supply over the foreseeable future with no set date to hit that burn cap. Now would be a great time to buy and hold Captain Token.

We look forward to a successful and smooth launch and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Captain Team

Every Captain needs his crew!